Usui Takumi et l'art de parler aux femmes

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Usui Takumi et l'art de parler aux femmes

Message par Maxoule22 le Mer 24 Fév - 7:28

"Rather than getting kissed, I’m more of the type who kisses others" -Usui Takumi

"If you were to drown… I won’t let anyone else give you mouth-to-mouth respiration" -Usui Takumi

“Walking along the path that she chose, without being affected by others... in this sense, white is her color.... in another sense, it also makes me want to put more colors on her”  -Usui Takumi

" I dont know much about you... you were the one who selfishly entered my world...
yet you immediately plugged into silence... what were you thinking...
did you really pick on me just because its fun...
which one of it is serious and which one of it is just a joke....
that's enough now.... making me all messed up like this.. " -Usui Takumi

" I'll take pictures of your sleeping face everyday for a year
and compile it into an album collection..!! " -Usui Takumi

" Just how much more are you gonna make me Endure...?? " -Usui Takumi


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